Our partners

DomSpain is an adult education organisation specialised in the field of education and training, vocational studies, occupational, social and intercultural skills, languages and new technologies.

In education we are specialised in foreign languages, computer technology, economy and cooking programmes offering a wide range of courses and workshops to private entities and town halls within the country. We offer courses which can be tailored to the specific needs of our participants in any form (monographic, long-term or intensive courses, online e-learning, etc.). In addition, we organise, design and run all types of trainings, immersion programmes abroad, job shadowing, etc., for students, teachers, academic and administrative staff, newly arrived migrants or people who want to work abroad.Our courses are designed for anyone looking for an improvement in their job capacities and skills, open to new experiences without dropping their studies or those who need to be trained in language or cultural and intercultural skills. At the same time, we work to improve the educational level of teachers, academies and training centres as well as to provide guidance and support to schools and their teachers to implement technologies and innovative teaching methods. All this is possible thanks to our integrated upgrade in curriculum management training, which provides both teachers and learners with better competences in a wide range of topics.

DomSpain is a founding member of DLearn, a European Digital Learning Network which currently counts about 30 countries. This Association aims to improve the quality of education and adult training, promoting and facilitating the access, of both teachers and learners, to new technologies and innovative teaching tools.

DomSpain has a technical department providing training on technology resources for educators and learners and designing and developing open educational resource platforms. Having coordinated the Erasmus+ KA2 Strategical Partnership “Open the Door to Europe”, where an online platform for foreign language teaching and learning was developed (www.opendoortoeurope.eu), DomSpain's new project - Open IT Up - has been designed and developed as a complementary project to the previous one and is aimed at promoting adults' and adult educators' competences to upskill their pathways in the field of entrepreneurship in the digital era.

Wisamar is a non-profit educational institute in Leipzig, Germany active in vocational, cultural and adult education. Wisamar is accredited by TÜV as education provider according to AZAV principles (employment activities for the Federal Employment Office) and also by the Office for Migration and Refugees as Integration Course Provider.

Wisamar works in four areas:

  • Integration – labour market and social integration: This part of our work includes integration courses and other offers for people with migrant background (Accreditation by German Office for Migration and Refugees). Besides, we offer different approaches to support the labour market integration of drop-outs and unemployed in general as well as for people seeking orientation. We give competence analysis, job application training, further education and also start-up consultancy as well as courses aiming at empowerment and activation of the unemployed.
  • Further education: We have several further training offers related to working life but also more informal areas. Current regular offers are Computer literacy / IT / Web programming, Internationalisation and EU Mobility, Innovative teaching methods and Storytelling in Education.
  • Project Office: We are an experienced partner and coordinator of different EU funded projects in thematic areas such as social and labour market integration, innovations in education and culture & creativity.
  • EU Mobility & Mobility Consultancy: Annually we welcome around 400 persons in EU mobility projects and send trainees and trainers from our region abroad. Our incoming and outgoing projects already received best practice awards, the German National Agency mentioned one of our mobility projects at their website as a good practice reference. Besides, we serve as expert on this topic e.g. at the EC campaigns “Youth on the Move” and “We mean Business” where we gave presentations on EU Mobility. The German National Agency mentions us as one of the Regional Mobility Consultancies.

The aim of the organisation is the promotion of education, tolerance and international attitude in all spheres of understanding between different people, cultures and education.

edEUcation is a consultancy specialising in working with schools, youth groups and training organisations on international projects in the UK and Europe. The consultancy is led by an experienced former secondary headteacher, whose school held the International Schools Award for its activities. He is assisted by four Associate consultants, with expertise in training, youth work and improving the standards of teaching and learning. edEUcation has strong links with HEIs, schools, youth and training organisations and national and local authorities. edEUcation has experience of Erasmus+ and the former Lifelong Learning Programmes of Comenius, Leonardo da Vinci, Erasmus and transversal projects.

edEUcation provides a range of services to organisations in the North of England aimed at school improvement, including up-skilling of language teachers, teacher and youth worker training, coaching and mentoring with continuing professional development in several EU countries, modelling teaching, including creative methodologies, and supporting organisations in developing international links. The range of edEUcation’s work including that of its Associates means that it has an extensive network which provides access to schools, training providers and agencies both in the UK and across Europe.

edEUcation has been involved as applicant or partner organisation in a number of Erasmus+ projects focused on language learning, entrepreneurial management, CPD and youth work. We have developed an extensive network of partners across Europe and continue our collaboration on new projects..

The philosophy of the company is to demonstrate effective improvement through practical activity.

“NIKANOR” Ltd. is a human resources development and management centre, established in 2002. The company creates and delivers full range of services in the field of Human Resources as well as solutions that enable our clients to achieve their business goals and enhance their competitiveness. We offer recruitment and assessment, career management, training in psychotherapy, psychodynamic training, management consulting, organisation development and we run an assessment centre.

“Nikanor” Ltd is specialised in:

  • Recruitment
  • Organisation development
  • Vocational training - license from NAVET for 25 professions
  • Soft skills - communication skills, training in leadership, teamwork training, etc
  • Vocational guidance and career development
  • Language courses - English, German, Russian, Greek, French and others
  • E-learning

Till now “Nikanor” LTD successfully completed 6 projects under the Operational Programme "Human Resources Development“ and 2 International projects under the "Erasmus+" and COSME programmes. We also provide training tailored to the requirements and needs of our clients.

The association Les Cultures ONLUS – Laboratorio di cultura internazionale (International Culture Lab) was born in Lecco in 1993 with the aim to promote intercultural activities aimed at overcoming prejudices and stereotypes.

The spirit that animates our work is based on countering the claim of a society that excludes diversity, as well as promoting a true comparison, which is the basis for peaceful coexistence in the respect for difference.

Over the years, Les Cultures has consolidated its work areas, promoting social solidarity in Italy and abroad and increasing the activities aimed at disseminating knowledge of different cultures, through openness to stimuli and contributions from other nations.

The Association carries out projects aimed at integration and rights of migrants in schools and institutions of the Province of Lecco.

Abroad, Les Cultures has chosen to intervene in two distinct areas: in Africa with projects in health, education, environmental protection and support for economic activities of the Tuareg people of Niger and Mali and in Eastern Europe with therapeutic hospitality projects and distance support in favour of Ukrainian children in the Chernobyl region.

Les Cultures has worked since 1994 in partnership with Nigerien NGO AFAA in development projects in Niger. One of the main fields of action is related to develop an integrated approach to the food sovereignty issue. In the last years Les Cultures and AFAA have implemented different projects aimed at improving access to water, developing better management of natural resources, developing sustainable farming and preventing famine.

The association is led by a board of directors composed of volunteers, whose role is to make the strategic choices related to the association.

Les Cultures has a small professional team in Italy whose role is to coordinate all the ongoing activities and to look for funding opportunities for the different projects. For the implementation of our Italian projects we work with different professionals (teachers, facilitators, mediators…). For our overseas projects we work with local NGO’s, with which we have a strong relationship of trust and friendship. We have made the choice not to have expatriate staff in order to both maximize the money amount on the projects activities, and to enhance the role of our local partners. We believe that this approach to cooperation can assure long lasting results and a better sustainability of our interventions.

Uşak University is a young and active university founded in the west part of Turkey in 2006. There are 2 graduate schools, 12 faculties, 11 vocational schools and 3 colleges with more than 33.000 students. The students attending the university have the opportunity of self-development with many facilities. There are 685 academic staff and 329 administrative staff in the university. The academic staff work both in lecture and researching fields. The main aspiration of the university is to be a reputable university under the light of science and wisdom. USAK University forms part of a cohesive town-university community with the growing agricultural-commercial-industrial province of Uşak. Away from city complexities, the students enjoy many intellectual, cultural, and recreational advantages: ongoing professional musical, dramatic, and artistic groups and performers at the campus; art exhibits, plays and recitals by local and visiting artists; frequent intercollegiate athletic events in modern facilities; and a variety of recreational opportunities on playing fields and courts, in neighboring forests, fields, and lakes.

Uşak University has been collaborating with the industrial organisations, chambers of commerce and industrial sites of its region in the fields of science and technology. It also benefits from cooperation and partnership with universities and research centres in related research fields and other EU projects via TUBITAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) and similar institutions.

Uşak University is a comprehensive, graduate, masters and doctoral-degree university offering to a diverse and capable student body a wide range of opportunities and challenges for learning and growth; to the world of knowledge, vigorous and expanding contributions in research, discovery, and application; and to the country and its people in every region, a variety of expert services. An able faculty, drawn from the best institutions in all parts of the nation, strive earnestly to demonstrate excellence in teaching, while producing in their specialised studies scholarly books, articles, and conference papers that gain respect for themselves, the University, and the state. Thus they ensure for their students instruction that is in immediate touch with current knowledge and thought. A body of energetic researchers, both faculty and other, assisted by an effective research administration, places Uşak University as a successful university among hundred universities in the nation in research and development in the sciences and engineering. The University's service agencies are similarly distinguished, earning the respect and support of their varied constituencies throughout the state, as well as in foreign countries.

Uşak University is dedicated to the three broad purposes already mentioned - learning, research, and service: learning, on-campus and off-campus, to enhance the intellectual, cultural, social, and professional development of its students; research, both to extend the present limits of knowledge and to bring deeper insight, understanding, and usefulness to existing knowledge; and service, to apply knowledge and the fruits of research to the lives of people.