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Assessment in blended and online courses


Assessment in blended and online courses

In this article we will give you an insight about the third module of our Train the Trainer Course, where you can find everything you need to know about blended education.

Module 3 is about the use of software for your online or blanded courses. Today we will focus on a specific set of tools: those used for assessment, usually perceived as the hardest part of remote teaching.

Assessment is a fundamental part of the educational process. It is not just something that happens at the end of the lesson or course, but something that takes place throughout the entire learning process.

It is important to understand if and how well the students have learnt and acquired the content of the lessons, also when the course (or part of it) is delivered online. 

Assessment at a distance may be challenging, for example for some teachers it might be necessary to review and change their assessment techniques. However, online assessment is possible and there are many tools to do it in an effective way.


A great number of software programs and mobile apps for distance learning has been developed over the past few years and the Covid-19 pandemic has even boosted this process.

FlipGrid is certainly one of the most interesting tools developed for oral assessment.

It is a simple, free social learning platform that uses videos to make learning fun, fulfilling and empowering. 

How does it work?

The idea behind this education tool is to use video to create an open platform of discussion and learning that doesn't require a physical classroom to get everyone involved. That makes Flipgrid an ideal remote assessment tool.

Educators set up an account and create "grids" which act as communities for students to work in. Each grid is like a message board where teachers can ask questions and their students can respond in a 15-second to 5-minute video

The response can be given in a video created using the software's camera. It is then posted to the original topic. These videos can be recorded as many times as needed before uploading, and can have the addition of emoji, text, stickers, drawings, or custom stickers.

Once a video is uploaded, teachers and peers can provide feedback.

Flipgrid is designed to allow students to speak to the group but without the same fear that might constrict responses in a real-world situation. Students can also re-record responses, removing the pressure of answering in class, on the spot. 

Are you looking for other interesting tools for assessment? Just follow our Train the Trainer course! You will also find amazing tools for long distance communication and useful software to foster both students-teacher and peer-to-peer interaction


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