Train the trainer: how to blend your educational programmes


Module objectives: What will I learn?


The learning content is the heart of your lessons. It goes without saying that it should fit the objectives and prerequisites of your course. Moreover, the content should correspond to your course style, as well as to the target audience. When you plan a new type of teaching in blended form, it is useful and recommended to review your learning content first, so that it perfectly fits with what you want to achieve – your learning objectives. In the following pages, you will learn how to decide which learning content is suitable for transfer into blended form, taking into account the type of target learners and addressing learning differences and variable access to digital learning.

Applying these considerations to your learning content will allow your students to adapt quickly to the new teaching environment. Completing this module will allow you to make an informed choice on which of your content needs updating and how and which is suitable for online delivery. You will also be able to reflect upon and adapt to the different learning realities of your target audience.