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A general overview of the use of ICT tools & The basis of hardware


The module Usak University is responsible for is the fourth module of the Erasmus project MAP the project number of which is 2020-1-ES01-KA204-081780. What is aimed in this article is to present a general overview of our module which is about the use of ICT tools on the basis of hardware.

With the Covid-19 pandemic entering the world agenda, delivering learning content totally online or in blended version and having competence to use different applications of it have become a vital issue for the educators throughout the world. Although online and blended education has entered our lives with the pandemic, it will probably continue to take place in our lives as an important method in the next period too. The question is why online education becomes more and more important in our lives. We have a few answers for this question. First of all, it accelerates access to information. Secondly, it eliminates the additional costs of the classical education system. Thirdly, it provides effective communication between student and teacher. Lastly, it provides the opportunity to re-educate those who have interrupted their education for various reasons.

Our main goal in Module 4 is to facilitate the educator to make the optimum choice between the ICT hardware that he/she needs to deliver learning content online. The most important concern while choosing ICT must be to have the answer of the question why is it important to choose the optimum ICT hardware. The answer is the right equipment is important both in terms of budget and in terms of determining the required qualifications correctly. In addition, choosing the wrong equipment will cause disruption in your work, as well as create a serious waste of time and create an obstacle in front of qualified distance education.

By completing the training of Module 4, trainers will have learnt about the latest technology of ICT Tools and their working principles which they need for delivering learning content online. Last but not least, they will be able to find digital solutions about their teaching needs. 

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